peace, ruki
Hi Emily

It's Nano time!
peace, ruki
Whoopee! It's Nanowrimo time! Which means, its November!
I mean, it's November, which means Nanowrimo time. Getting confused.
Anyway, I have been excited for one whole month (October) now, and on the first day, I write about 300 words. Amazing, right?
Now, it's like 1668/6667. Good Job, me.
I love 8059. Gokudera and Yamamoto are so for each other. If anyone knows any really good 8059 doujinshi, please give it to me :D
O...mai...god... Marching band is ridiculous. I spent 3 hours after school today learning new work for the field show. And we learned, like, 16 seconds worth of work. Talk about a waste of time. And the only thing I got out of it is a sore thumb. It so does not hurt to type right now.
Like the many people on my gchat are saying on their status messages: This week is FML.
I agree.


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